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Get To Know Us

In 1989, a few dedicated alumni had the foresight to incorporate an entirely new non-profit organization – The University of Waterloo Planning Alumni of Toronto (UWPAT).  This organization, although separate from the School, has worked closely with faculty to ensure any monies raised would provide the greatest benefit.  From humble beginnings, UWPAT has grown and flourished because of the commitment of many dedicated people.  In over 20 years, more than 125 alumni and faculty have served on the Committee, with some serving for over 10 years.

Creating the “Planner-In-Residence” program was UWPAT’s first objective.  For over 20 years, the program has invited prominent practicing planners into the classroom to offer students a fresh and practical perspective.  The program continues to be the centrepiece of UWPAT’s fundraising efforts, however, with the success of the dinner, UWPAT has also been able to branch out and fund new school scholarships, new endowment funds, and many other activities at the School.

UWPAT is both grateful for, and proud of, the Annual Dinner’s continuing success.  It began as a chance for Waterloo planning alumni, along with their friends and employers, to meet and catch up.  However, today with its growing attendance, it has evolved into a truly multi-disciplinary event attractive planners, architects, engineers, financiers, lawyers, developers and more, regardless of their alma mater.  Typically attracting up to 1000 people, the dinner has also become a respected venue for local, national and international speakers.  The dinner has attracted speakers from Toronto, Chicago, Washington, Los Angeles, London (UK), Vancouver, New York and Atlanta.

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